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    1. Already, “Spiritual Harmony” is filling your blessed beings with response to your channeling love and joy through all 7 chakras in balance…This is the beginning, not the beginning of the end…and if when you meditate, you
      listen to the voice of your superconscious, the maker, the directions will continue to fill you with the joy that you impart to those who benefit from your humble hearts…

    2. It is good Gary so glad you did so well I have missed you all these years told lot of people about you and your music still have that record you made in the 80s Good stuff !
      Eddy from Barbara’s world on Whidbey

      1. Eddy! Great to hear from you. Hey, finally changed Whidbey Island to “on the island” in Driving. You should hear the new version of it, it’s great. We are coming to the northwest this summer. Would you like to be on our Northwest mailing list?

        1. I was blessed with amazing melodies and sweet harmonies by you two. You sent Aloha my way when my heart needed to be reminded of the magic of being blessed enough to be have been able to Live Hawaii. Thank you for sharing your gift.

          1. Aloha Renee I regret not being able to speak to you after the concert and share stories of Hawaii it was a blessing to have you in the room!


    3. GaryGarrett!!! I am multitasking, listening to your youtubes, “When there is music” is absolutely amazing!!! Checking out your website and typing this note. Am listening to It’s Your Fault now…..I like Anjalisa!! Perfect!

    4. Awesome sound, and so glad you two met and are making music. love these vids. If you ever come to New Orleans, you will find wonderful places to perform.

    5. I love your voices together and the story of how you met.
      But I’m unable to attend your Oregon concerts.

    6. Hurray, you are coming to Bellingham!! We will come to hear you, meet and greet you. Aloha nui loa!

    7. We heard you in Bellingham. We were there for a weekend getaway and read in a little local paper about your program and decided to give it a try. Really love your music have one of the CD is in my car Reading your webpage and since we live on Whidbey I’m curios about the other parson on your web page who refers to Whidbey and something like Babbaras place

    8. Fantastic sound, love you guys, and the guy that mentioned a tour of New Orleans and I would say also Jackson Mississippi and Baton Rouge, you need a rental car or a small tour bus. Keep in touch you guys are great, Rory Wright, fine artist, writer, farmer, and turtle rescuer.

    9. I’d been a kind of ‘closet vocalist’ until I was somewhat transformed by your workshop in Waimea where I was able to join an entire roomful of amateur singers in ‘awakening’ my ear and voice to relative pitch. It seems that somehow, song captures and releases those messages from the heart where speech is otherwise likely to fail. And true to your purpose, you don’t allow anyone to believe that they’re unable to sing. And just as important, that they’re unable to sing along with others in harmony. The room buzzed with immediate gratification.

    10. These people are a bit of heaven on earth! harmony of the spheres , both gutsy and whimsical, the most intricate and unique harmonies, uplifting energy able to create in the listener a serene mood of joy and hope and laughter.

    11. Has such an amazing time last night. Your voices are magical together and carry the music to a different level.

    12. Thank you isn’t big enough to express the joy, from the time The Harmony People began performing, harmonizing and sharing their musical gifts. I smiled from ear to ear from delight.

      Hummingbird Community

    13. Is your event in Honokaa at the Hi`ilani EcoHouse open to the public? My husband and I live in Papaikou and would like to attend. Aloha nui.

      1. Hi, are you proposing that we link to a (your?) spotify playlist? If so will you send us a link? I like the idea. Also don’t miss our song “Flying Dream,” also on Spotify. — Gary

    14. Love it! so good, listened to it over and over again. Love you guys best to your future Music and Harmony.

    15. Hey G and A,

      When I click the link it says I need to join FB, but you said you can watch this outside of FB. Will you be streaming this on a platform outside of FB?



    16. Hello. This is “19” from YouTube. You say that notes that are in the top right or bottom left etc on the lattice have certain feelings, which is true, I have been experimenting with this before I discovered you. But what about when you include 7 or higher? How would we hear 35/32 for instance?

    17. Jus love you 2 so much!! Fabulous in every way!
      Super stars, yup.

      Waimea farmers market apron booth,, back in the day. Aloha