“Your songs are powerful, beautiful, and fun. What a spectrum!”

— Eileen, San Rafael CA

Photo Credit: Kauakea Winston

Our story began in 2013, when Gary was performing in California, and Anjalisa began harmonizing, full voice, from the audience. We sang some more, and very soon we, and everyone within earshot, realized that we would be making lots of music together. In honor of the way we met, we began with the name Voice Recognition.

“Chicken Skin … beautiful harmonies, interesting songs, impressive scat singing. Your two voices are so perfect together … your harmonies were so pure they almost sounded like one intricate voice.” – Matt, Hawaii

We began to tour steadily in Hawaii and on the West Coast, from Southern California up to Seattle, giving house concerts and public shows of our original, uplifting, sophisticated music. We have touched audiences deeply. Check out our testimonials page.

“I cried Bhakti tears, tears of love … your harmonies of yin and yang were incredible.” — Condor, Hawaii

Our first CD, Summer, came out in August 2014, and in December 2014 we released Extended Play, a four-song EP with multilayered harmonies.

“Listening to Summer over and over again got me through a winter in Missouri. Thank you, Anjalisa and Gary, for raising the energy level of the planet.” — Suzy, St. Louis

In 2015, we were chatting with a stranger, when suddenly she lit up and said, “Oh, I know you, you’re the harmony people! My friends were telling me how great your concert was.”

We drove away elated, knowing that fate had just tapped us on the shoulder and gifted us our new name. We are now The Harmony People.


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  1. It is good Gary so glad you did so well I have missed you all these years told lot of people about you and your music still have that record you made in the 80s Good stuff !
    Eddy from Barbara’s world on Whidbey

    1. Eddy! Great to hear from you. Hey, finally changed Whidbey Island to “on the island” in Driving. You should hear the new version of it, it’s great. We are coming to the northwest this summer. Would you like to be on our Northwest mailing list?

  2. GaryGarrett!!! I am multitasking, listening to your youtubes, “When there is music” is absolutely amazing!!! Checking out your website and typing this note. Am listening to It’s Your Fault now…..I like Anjalisa!! Perfect!

  3. Awesome sound, and so glad you two met and are making music. love these vids. If you ever come to New Orleans, you will find wonderful places to perform.

  4. We heard you in Bellingham. We were there for a weekend getaway and read in a little local paper about your program and decided to give it a try. Really love your music have one of the CD is in my car Reading your webpage and since we live on Whidbey I’m curios about the other parson on your web page who refers to Whidbey and something like Babbaras place

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