Harmony Workshops

Singing in harmony is one of the great human joys. We spend a lot of time on the road, singing our harmony-rich songs. Everywhere we go, people ask us, How can I learn to sing like that?
In this workshop, you will learn the basics of vocal harmony. There will be plenty of opportunity to sing, including:
— Exercises that demonstrate what harmony actually is
— How different combinations of notes create different feelings
— How to find and hold your own part while blending with other voices
— A celebration of what we have learned, with group improvisations based on Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra workshops.
This workshop is appropriate for ages 12+, and all levels of experience.

To book us for your singing group or a gathering of friends, please let us know at our contact page. We ask for $40 per participant, and a minimum of eight attendees.

We hosted a Harmony Workshop today, and it was absolutely great, we had the best time. Gary and Anjalisa are so genuine, and their approach to music and harmony is tuned into what is natural in all of us. By the end of the workshop we were improvising with harmonies and rhythm that none of us could have imagined before. — Cheryl, Hayward CA

“I’d been a kind of ‘closet vocalist’ until I was somewhat transformed by your workshop in Waimea where I was able to join an entire roomful of amateur singers in ‘awakening’ my ear and voice to relative pitch. It seems that somehow, song captures and releases those messages from the heart where speech is otherwise likely to fail. And true to your purpose, you don’t allow anyone to believe that they’re unable to sing. And just as important, that they’re unable to sing along with others in harmony. The room buzzed with immediate gratification.” — John, Waimea