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There Is a Field is our new single. It’s a mashup of a poem by Rumi, a melody by Laurence Cole, some Leonard Cohen lyrics and our own melodies and harmonies. The rights are too complicated for our distributor, so we are offering it as a free download. Click the link above to download the mp3. 

You can donate randomly to The Harmony People here. Your donations go to keeping the show on the road!

summer smallYou may purchase our music online at and iTunes, or by mailing us a check for physical CDs and the songbook.

Summer was recorded at BrokenWorks Productions in Ashland OR. We went into the studio and performed seven songs in one day, just like we do them on stage, with great equipment. The songs are Be Love, Lisa’s Song, I Floated On the Waves, Humdrum Love, Flying Dream, Premature Nostalgia, and The Cove.
Summer on iTunes
Summer on Amazon

EP-cover small

We recorded Extended Play in Gary’s home studio, and we downloaded the choir, multi-tracking more instruments and harmonies. There are nine of us at one point! The songs are Run That Reaper Down, All the Way Home, Be Love, and I Floated On the Waves.
Extended Play on iTunes
Extended Play on Amazon
In October 2015, we released a new single, I Bought a Hat Today. This one came as a download from the Muse, in two days of intense energy, through Anjalisa, with Gary’s midwifery. We recorded it on Cumberland Street in SF.
I Bought a Hat Today on iTunes
I Bought a Hat Today on Amazon
And here’s Living In a Dream, February 2016.
Living In a Dream on iTunes
Living In a Dream on Amazon
In May 2016, we released When There Is Music, a cappella, with an African-sounding choir (all Gary and Anjalisa).
When There Is Music on iTunes
When There Is Music on Amazon
If you would like to purchase physical CDs, please email us through our contact page and we will make arrangements. Summer is $10, EP is $5, and we’ll mail you any number of CDs for $5 shipping and handling.
Our songbook has chords and lyrics for 18 of our original songs, for $15 plus shipping. Please email us at our contact page and we will make arrangements.

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