On July 10, 2017, we spent an hour with Dave Congalton, longtime San Luis Obispo radio personality, talked about how we got our name, about touring, sang fine versions of The Cove, Driving and more. Dave is smart and fun and asks really good questions, and the sound is good. Great show.

An hour on P-Love’s Plush Lounge, KNKR in Hawaii. It’s the Jun 16, 2017 episode.

A half hour interview with Forrest Arnold in Hawaii, December 2016.

Here’s our 2016 interview on KSKQ Radio, Ashland OR, with Aletha Nowitzky. We sing two or three brand new songs, it’s a fun interview and well recorded.


And here’s the 2014 interview at KSKQ.

KSKQ 2014

November 15, 2014 interview with Gary on 97.3 The Rock in Morro Bay. Includes two Harmony People cuts.





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