Our first music video, celebrating the beauty of the lucid dream that we are living.

A powerful version of Pele, recorded at Steynberg Gallery in San Luis Obispo, July 15, 2017. What a singalong!

The Cove, from the January 2017 concert with MaMuse in Hawaii.

Lisa’s Song, from our August 2015 show at Bellingham Cohousing. Beautiful audience, we’ll be back!

A joyous version of Dance Like Children, with our dear friends at the Center For Spiritual Living in Orangevale CA.

Living In a Dream, performed at the beautiful Hi’ilani Ecohouse in Hawaii.

All the Way Home, from the Bellingham show. Lots of good singers in that crowd.

Chant to Pele, from Hi’Ilani EcoHouse, March 2015. The voices of the ancestors are coming through.

I Bought a Hat Today, from the house concert with MaMuse, January 2017

Premature Nostalgia, from our Seattle concert in August 2014.  Video by Roger Douthitt and Oh Yes! Productions. We were still called Voice Recognition.

Bob Dylan’s beautiful song, “When the Deal Goes Down.” We had just learned the song for a Dylan tribute, and we sang it at a house concert in Pasadena.

Another great All The Way Home, from 2019.

Highlights from our second-ever concert, January 2014 in Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thanks to Jim Zampathas  for recording the show.

From the 2015 show at Hi’ilani Ecohouse.

It’s Your Fault, from the Hi’ilani EcoHouse, March 2015. This is the first, spontaneous  time  “spat singing” and we have been doing it ever since. Next time you have a fight, try doing it in gibberish!

Flying Dream, our entry into NPR’s 2017 Tiny Desk concert.

Lisa’s Song, recorded in Sacramento CA, 4/12/14 by Aline Anaya.

Anjalisa’s song, I Floated On the Waves, from our Seattle concert.

Be Love, recorded in Eugene in 2016. This is the song that introduced us, and Anjalisa tells the story beautifully, before a heartfelt performance.

Here’s a great solo Anjalisa performance of Flying Dream. This was recorded in June 2015, at Hawaiian Performing Arts Festival Lifelong Singers salon. Hang in there for 18 seconds of yakking.

Dancers! A sweet cut from Johnny B’s in Medford, July 2015. One mic went dead, we sang into the same mic, and two members of The Rogue Rebellion came out to dance. Lovely moment.

In March 2014, we were the featured act at the oldest open mic in San Francisco, Sacred Grounds Cafe. Our host, Mr. Natural, gives one of his memorable opening speeches. Our music starts seven minutes in.


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  1. Already, “Spiritual Harmony” is filling your blessed beings with response to your channeling love and joy through all 7 chakras in balance…This is the beginning, not the beginning of the end…and if when you meditate, you
    listen to the voice of your superconscious, the maker, the directions will continue to fill you with the joy that you impart to those who benefit from your humble hearts…

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