Here’s what some of our hosts and audience members have had to say about our music:

“Listening to Anjalisa’s and Gary’s moving music transported me into such a state that I found myself weeping. The sheer beauty of their harmonies and heart-opening songs are still with me days after their live performance.” ~Marie-Rose Phan-Lê, Author/Filmmaker

“It wasn’t just the harmonies and songs that had me laughing and crying. Your humor, timing and storytelling alone had tears running down my face.” — Pamela “P-Love” Huggins, KNKR Radio, Hawi HI

“Gary and Anjalisa are two of the most in-tune people in the universe. Their songs are intelligent, warming and confirming. Their musical presence models the very nature of harmony itself, and lights a glow of affirmation in our hearts.” — W.A. Mathieu, harmony teacher, composer and author of “Harmonic Experience”

“Your songs are powerful, beautiful, and fun. What a spectrum!” — Eileen, San Rafael CA

“You are not just harmonizers, you are dream weavers. Every one of your songs tells a story, creates a feeling or takes me to a place.” — Andy, Waimea

“I cried Bhakti tears, tears of love … your harmonies of yin and yang were incredible. I had the joy of going to mother India and taking lessons from a mantram yogi, and your music definitely equals and surpasses this remembrance.” — Robbie, Kona

“These two are excellent musicians and poets (songwriter/lyricists). They specialize in exquisite unique harmonizing that is extremely satisfying and beautiful, establishing rich classic and jazz chord structures with just a duo. They hand off melodies and harmonize like they were two voices on a stringed instrument being controlled by one performer. Their creativity is over the top with vocal inflections and guitar expressions that totally enhance the pure beauty they bring in every moment of their performances. Gary even does vocal renditions of trombone, french horn solos and such in sections of some of their songs that are simply amazing. They set and catch the mood so well. I can’t say enough about these two. I highly recommend them.” — Stephanie, Roseville CA

Great harmonies, polished, classy. Angelic. Delicate. In this age, we really need that. Very impressed. — Stu, San Diego

“Be Love is my favorite song in the whole wide world. xoxo — Heather, Seattle

“These people are a bit of heaven on earth! Harmony of the spheres, both gutsy and whimsical, the most intricate and unique harmonies, uplifting energy able to create in the listener a serene mood of joy and hope and laughter.” — Suni, Hawaii

“Chicken Skin..beautiful harmonies, interesting songs, impressive scat singing. Your two voices are so perfect together … your harmonies were so pure they almost sounded like one intricate voice.” — Matt, Hawaii

“I have been traumatized as a singer. Your harmony workshop is the first time I have ever felt confident that I was making the right noises in a group of people. Thank you!” — Tim, Hawaii

“Elevating and soothing at the same time.” -Toni, Fairfax

Some of the best music I have ever heard. Like the 60s, but different. Healing. Heals the chakras.” — Asolaria, Hōnaunau

“I had almost given up going to concerts completely. Because of an increasing hearing impairment, I can rarely catch enough of the lyrics to know what the song is about. Total frustration and sadness. Imagine my tremendous joy and surprise when I attended an intimate concert by The Harmony People, and I could understand almost all of the words. The music didn’t drown out the lyrics and they sang clearly–as though the beautiful lyrics really mattered.  Thank you, thank you, Anjalisa and Gary.” — Joan, Arizona

“Their harmony is so beautiful. The words to their songs are beautiful and fun and inspiring. Gary’s guitar playing is extraordinary. The style and blend of their voices is like nothing you have ever heard before.
The story of how Anjalisa and Gary met is one you don’t want to miss!! — Debi, Jemez Springs

“We were so blissed out with ripples of harmonic vibrations after the concert, they rocked us to sleep that night. I got my best night’s sleep in a long time.” — Kauakea, Hawaii

“You have a very rare vocal blend. The two voices combine to make a third sound, and I can still hear the individual quality of each voice. Crosby, Stills and Nash is the only comparison that comes to mind.” — Taylor, Ashland

‘Twas a wonderful evening with Gary Garrett and Anjalisa Aitken … The Harmony People indeed! They made the house ring and deeply satisfied everyone here. — Nancy, Morro Bay

“It was a joy to host house concerts featuring The Harmony People! We have had concerts with them three times, and each was a transporting experience. It was wonderful to be able to share them with our friends. They also sang a short set at a large party we threw.  When they started to sing a’ cappella, the room went from raucous to being able to hear a pin drop!  The beauty of their harmonies is powerful.” – Teri, Hawaii

“Your voices in harmony are like liquid chocolate.” –Kim, Santa Cruz

“Your two voices combine to create a third entity. Your stage presence is powerful, with humility. Humble power.” — Kelly, Berkeley CA

“Gee, if I’d known how good you are, I’d have invited more people!” — The Host

“Their musical genre is difficult to label because, in fact, they are creating a brand new genre that brings forth elements of jazz, folk, and road trip songs, but is sprinkled with ethereal richness beyond words. Their songs evoke emotional responses that reach deep within the soul. Do yourself a big favor and share an evening with them, immersed in what they have to offer!” — Robyn, Ashland OR

“You two are so talented. I was inspired by the lyrics that spoke directly to my heart and the harmony that woke up my spirit! Loved it!!” — Paolo, Oakland

“Listening to your concert was a healing for my heart, a healing of old grief. Your music is so uplifting and hopeful.” — Tami, Hawaii

“Listening to Anjalisa Aitken and Gary Garrett was like coming home for me. The way their voices dance and harmonize made my heart melt and open wide. Their love and appreciation for music and each other radiates out into the world and creates a safe space for every one in the audience to express their true nature. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to hear them on the Big Island and also know them as dear friends for my soul.” — Lucie, Oahu

“Every time I hear your songs, they mean more to me. The words are slowly filtering in through the layers of my curmudgeon brain.” — L.W., San Luis Obispo

“Your songs are so creative, and take me to that space that we all pray about. It’ll be so fun to watch your vibration go worldwide. I feel honored to know you two, because you’re spreading so much love.” — Jamie the Apron Lady, Waimea

“You can watch the video, you can listen to the CD, but when you are in the room, and you feel the vibration in your own body, it changes you.” — Richard, Morro Bay

“An incredible duo with wonderful harmonies. The quality of performance you will experience at this show will be far beyond your expectations. Bar none, some of the best vocals you’ll hear this year and possibly ever.” — Robin Downward, Randall Theatre, Medford OR

“The Hug, Hold and Harmonize workshop by Gary and Anjalisa was out of this world. It was nothing short of a divine experience.

I am not a singer by any means but Gary and Anjalisa were so welcoming and patient and broke down their instruction so well that anyone could join.

Combining the power of touch, presence, voice and harmony an amazing energy was created. Each element had its own beauty from the partner work to the group ensemble. 

The final activity of coming together in a tight spiral formation and harmonising as a group was the biggest highlight for me.  The hairs on the back of my neck still stand when I think of that moment.We all could use much more of this  in our lives.” — Hari, Perth Australia

“Had such an amazing time last night. Your voices are magical together and carry the music to a different level.” — Tracey, Casper WY

“Your music is marvelous, extraordinary. I’ve never heard anything like it.” — Shoshanna, Marin

“You guys are medicine.” — Melinda, Hawaii

“I just sat there at the back of the church with water running down my face.” — S., Morro Bay

“I’d been a kind of ‘closet vocalist’ until I was somewhat transformed by your workshop in Waimea where I was able to join an entire roomful of amateur singers in ‘awakening’ my ear and voice to relative pitch. It seems that somehow, song captures and releases those messages from the heart where speech is otherwise likely to fail. And true to your purpose, you don’t allow anyone to believe that they’re unable to sing. And just as important, that they’re unable to sing along with others in harmony. The room buzzed with immediate gratification.” — John, Waimea

“Engaging performances featuring tight harmonies, impeccable rhythms, and evocative lyrics from life experience. The Harmony People are a wonderful choice for a night out—the music of Gary and Anjalisa lightens my heart! ~~ Aletha Nowitzky, host of “Tasty Topics and Tantalizing Tunes” at KSKQ 89.5 FM

“Well, I gotta say it’s easy to understand why you’re called The Harmony People! Such delicious harmonies! Such delightful tunes! Ear candy. Actually more substantial than that. Ear cannoli? Ear chocolate cheesecake! That’s it! Just plain Yum. Your original songs are charming and far-ranging. Anjalisa, I particularly enjoy the way you use your body as your percussion instrument … slapping your thighs, snapping your fingers, clapping your hands. It really works. And Gary, your smooth guitar playing is like warm vanilla custard. It’s obvious you and your guitar are good friends. The sing-alongs are most enjoyable. You two gave us all a fine, delectable evening. You are each gifted musicians. Certainly a gift to all of us. Many Mahalos.” – Dana St.Claire, Kealakekua

“A house concert with The Harmony People was the perfect way to fill our home with luscious sonorities, fun and friends.  Thank you so much for a ravishingly pleasurable experience!” – Dave, Hawaii

“I got chill bumps many times. There was something really powerful about the concert. I felt humbled to be there.” — Anna, Bellingham

“Those songs sound great! I love the songwriting and the harmonies. It’s so relaxing. Keep em coming!” — Joey, LA

“You are such healers on stage, affirming and empowering. I felt embraced, elevated, and raised to a higher vibration. Nobody does it better than you guys.” — Michelle, livingwellness.com, Topanga

“Music speaks where words fail. The sweetness and spiciness of Anjalisa and Gary’s harmonies is beyond all words — taste it, hear it, and find your own harmony in The Great Song.” — Jai, San Rafael

“You are geniuses and graced in your collaborative talent!  Touched, moved and inspired.” — Jilsarah, Jersey City NJ

“The concert was Fabulous…..We want you back…..You are an AWESOME duo! And you can quote me.” — Bobbi, San Rafael

If you haven’t heard them singing, you have missed out on one of life’s treasures.” Suzy, Hawaii

“If there is a heaven, I imagine I will be hearing your voices when I pass through the gate.” — Cher, Gaston OR

“…your music together has everything: your sound FEELS good, and it is obviously crafted with joy, the world makes a little more sense with your voices in it making music.” — Joe, Hawaii

“… the lyrics are really inspirational and thoughtful and clever! Keep making conscious music!” — Nicole, Santa Barbara

“… the infinite smoothness of their vocal union wraps you in a snug blanket of music …” — Johan, Sweden

“Gary and Anjalisa have a clarity and purity which is present, not only in their perfectly-blending voices, but also in their songwriting, which covers a variety of topics. Surrounding all — their professional stage presence, their vocals and their songs — is an aura, of heart and spiritual vibration, that seems to create yet a third entity in the room, which they bring individually and together to the performance.” — Jo, Bay Area

“Exquisite transporting harmonies. Style, grace, and realness. These are talented human be-ings. You can’t help but smile, sway and feel good at their concerts, or listening to their CDs … because you’ve been blessed by real connectedness … and you’ve also had genuine fun.” — Shana Deane, filmmaker, Ashland

“Anjalisa and Gary hit the perfect notes together in a relaxed, super-accurate harmony—a real pleasure listening to these agile performers sing their own creations as well as covers from other artists.” — Dennis, Hawaii

“Anjalisa and Gary’s harmonizing music is so very loving and sweet. Their rhythms are captivating, & their obvious good connection is evident, adding to the overall enjoyment of seeing/hearing their fun-loving presence. It is a pleasurable time: for them and for the audience.” — Daphne, Hawaii

“Gary and Anjalisa, you two sound like brother and sister in a way. You know those great harmony groups like the Osmonds and Jackson-Five where the voices have similar but not identical characteristics! You are gonna be famous!” — Deborah, California

” … the two of you together have a really “sum far more than the parts” effect. The two voices do more than harmonize, they rub on each other, partly fur-smoothing purr and partly fur-ruffling sparks. Fantastic!” — Ky, Washington

“If we would just listen to our own songs, we’d be enlightened.” — Anjalisa, Hawaii

“Your harmony is buttery goodness.” — Sarah, Berkeley

“Your harmonies reminded me of the longing for union. I felt the energy of my heart moving, and then it came into oneness. Celestial.” –Diana, Hawaii 

“Thanks to Anjalisa and Gary for raising the energy level of the planet. “Summer” got me through a winter in St. Louis.” — Suzy, St. Louis

Thank you isn’t big enough to express the joy, from the time The Harmony People began performing, harmonizing and sharing their musical gifts. I smiled from ear to ear from delight.” — Shekinah, New Mexico

“I found your performance by accident and loved it! I can’t stop listening – your music is mood altering and comforting and bless you for doing it. Keep up the good work I’m a BIG fan.”  — Dave, Phoenix

I was reverberating with the energy you created, and I thought, OMG, I’m home.” — Rita, Prescott AZ

Thank you everyone!


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